Marketers tap social media to woo professionals

Marketers tap social media to woo professionals – Economic Times

(Brands see LinkedIn’s…)
NEW DELHI: LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals, has emerged a hotspot for marketers over the past couple of months as social media experts say Indian users have increased their visit to the site.
Social media experts say that unlike other popular social media such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn provides a specific platform for brands targeting professionals who on average have more purchasing power and disposable income than users of other sites.
“LinkedIn is the perfect fit for us because there are 20 million professionals available on this platform,” says Vinay Bhopatkar, brand head of fashion brand Van Heusen. Madura Fashion and Lifestyle’s premium brand last week launched a campaign to find the most fashionable professionals among LinkedIn’s member base. “This audience is serious, and we want this audience to take fashion with seriousness,” Bhopatkar says. Brands such as Woodland, DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund and IT major Wipro have also used LinkedIn’s platforms for carrying out promotional campaigns.
Nishant K Rao, country manager at LinkedIn India, says the site provides specific solutions to brands through its LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. “It is not just about display ads or partner messages but a holistic solution in line with the overall marketing objective of the company that is far more effective. It is targeted at specific geographies,” he says.
Tourism Australia last month ran a campaign to promote Australia as a destination for professionals on LinkedIn, which provided it access to a rich reserve of prospective travellers, the format of the customised solution and an opportunity to present detailed destination content to the participants of the campaign. Social media experts say that with the slowdown in economy and a not-so-positive job market, professionals are spending more time on LinkedIn. These professionals scan the site at least thrice a week and while they do so they also have time to go through such campaigns and advertisements.
LinkedIn has more than 20 million users in India, accounting for 9% of its total memberships worldwide, and second only to the US. There is also a belief that the member base of LinkedIn has more purchasing power and disposable income so brands selling expensive products focus on the site. Raghu Bhat, founder director of Scarecrow Communications, says LinkedIn is one of the social network platforms that gets serious consideration as companies allocate bigger share for digital marketing than before.
“LinkedIn being a platform which has positioned itself as a networking site with a spending audience, is important for marketers,” Bhat says. “Hence, in the years to come it will receive more attention.”
Sandip Biswas, director (SME on social media, personal technology and e-commerce) at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India, however, says, “As a part of carpet bombing strategy of marketing on social media, agencies and marketers leave no stone unturned and design campaigns not just for one social networking site but for most of them.”

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